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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  December 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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it's going to bring that rely surge of warm air into our area. this is the rain we are talking about, live stormtracker to look exactly where the heaviest rain is falling. darker green shows the rain over middle cape cod, but it's back northwest of boston an worcester you're finding the heaviest rain. southwest new hampshire east of 91 southwest new hampshire tookes takes you northward into swansea, new hampshire but there's plenty more where that came from, the warm air coming now, the cold front is way back here producing tornadoes an severe weather back to our west. fortunately we are not into that but we are going to get some of this heavy rain. "futurecast" showing rain into the early morning hours. there will be showers around whatever morning drive there is. i'll have the timeline and how warm we are going to be coming up.
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more rain before christmas, you want to have our free weather app. that way you can track the weather even when we are not on the air. >> mark: breaking news two people shot in a boston neighborhood. >> vanessa: this happening on center street in jamaica plains. john is there live. what can you tell us? >> reporter: right now melissa or vanessa i can tell you inside this housing complex, those two member were shot. boston police still on the scene right now, this taking place around 3:30 inside the apartment building. police swarmed the area around 277 center street after a report of shots fired and the victims inside the building. investigators found mu tim casings in that building. the two victims we are told one a man in his 30s, the other a man in his 40s were taken to a local hospital. one hit in the shoulder, the other in the thigh.
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saying where and when this happened is concerning. >> we are going to be canvassing. we are going to canvas the area for witnesses, but it's troubling. it's still broad daylight here. a lot of people walking by, an that's what's real alarming for us. >> reporter: police not sure how or why this shooting happened. they would not say for certain if the men shot each other or someone else was involved in the shooting, but they are asking anyone who witnessed anything to call police with information. i'm john monahan, "fox45 news". >> mark: police executing an arrest and search warrant copping out with that to go pile yeah that man faced a judge. brookfield court. that's where you spoke with that man's family. >> reporter: according his
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suffers from pstsd. -- yesterday's confiscations of all those weapons an thousands of rounds of ammunition were also principle dated by another comment he made. >> this is the one that's in the news all the time, the assault rifle meets the definition of assault weapon in massachussetts. as you can see he had a number of those, six of them zblfrblgts but warren police say they're confident 45-year-old daniel perris had no intention of weapons. still, he wasn't supposed to have them. he had been notified to surrender them because within the past few years, he had received several oui's. his long time girlfriend say it's an innocent mistake. >> i don't think he opens half his mail. >> in massachussetts oui is
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tuesday s.w.a.t. teams pulled them from his home after a family member contacted police concerned over a recent comment he had made. >> he was unhappy with the way things are going on in the country and he believes the police are doing things they shouldn't be. >> did he threaten police? >> no, he didn't spefbly threaten. >> his attorney says he's simply a collector. his father says his son's depression was triggered by the death of his mother a few years ago but says his son could never hurt any one. he will be in jail through christmas because his hearing hasn't been scheduled until tuesday. you're going to hear from a neighbor who witnessed this s.w.a.t. team situation outside his home as they descended upon his home. i'm heather hegedus.
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family loses having in a fire and now the community is rallying to help them. can you see firefighters battling the flames in milton. crews could not save the home. the fire department put a post on facebook asking for donations the response has been huge. the facebook post went viral and donations poured in all day will does ebbs of animals rescued in new hampshire, police seized 37 animals, including horses, goats a birds. their owner is accused of cruelty. kerry learned the animals have a long road to recovery. she talks to investigators to find out what's next for the owner and these animals. >> mark: he's armed dangerous on the run, this assist expected serial bank robber is wanted in three new england states. investigate researchers trying to track him down before he hits again. crystal says if you see this man don't approach him. >> reporter: mark i can tell you
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investigators are on the hunt for 31-year-old matthew martin. now, he has ties to vermont and western massachussetts and he is considered armed and very dangerous. armed and dangerous. >> he's been traveling between new hampshire, vermont and massachussetts, and the bank robberies are getting more frequent zblfrblgts this is serial bank robber matthew martin, state an federal law enforcement tell fox45 he's@suspected in at least seven robberies in vat an new hampshire, the latest on december 21st at this credit union. fox45 obtained these surveillance images. >> sometimes he walks in with just regular hiding his identity. other times he's gone in just one robbery dressed as a woman. >> reporter: bratboro police say
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dressed as a woman, but u.s. marshal david cargill, jr. says martin became a final about two weeks before on december 1st when he jumped bail on a case for three robberies january and february this year. >> going to that court appearance he decided to do a bank robbery in new hampshire. >> reporter: he wore sunglasses and three days later robbed this t.d. bank in loud en new hampshire with a semiautomatic gun. marshal cargill says they believe this rash of robberies is motivated by his drug addiction. >> that's what makes us so worried about hill is he's so wraiz en -- brazen about it. >> reporter: now, i dug into martin's past and i am told that he is an extensive criminal record that includes other
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as i said, he has connections to the vermont area and law enforcement are interviewing acquaintances of martin and they have a very special men for them. he may try to harbor this fugitive. that's coming up at 6:30. >> mark: police in weymouth say a man robbed a convenience store about 45 minutes police believe the same man broke into a bar. >> vanessa: the cheadle circle chipotle has been reopened after a norovirus scare. more than 150 people who ate hat that that chipotle became sixth month, most of them b.c. students. inspector says the restaurant knows the source of the issue.
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mentioned he was bad mistake. >> vanessa: inspectors are going over paperwork to make sure workers who are on the schedule have passed retraining. the new england patriots gearing up for a big game against a jets. >> mark: they'll have a new weapon on offense. tom joining us. no one can predict how much we sunday. >> they would like to know what they have in jackson. he has been on the practice field the last two days, and it isn't a rush but i think he will be on the field this sunday against the jets. he was on the field today. pats outside, jackson among them number 39, a veteran presence is going to bring leadership. in this time of giving it was the patriots who hooked him up in a big way. >> it's exciting. couldn't ask for a better christmas gift.
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team to get better and continue patriots. i think initially when the phone call happened it was a little surreal, but now kind of settled downplaying football. doing what i love. >> danny lindholm -- amendola likely won't play this weekend after twebing his knee. we will hear from danny and more players on "fox45 news" at 6:00. >> vanessa: it's been lights out for popular christmas decorations this year. take a look here at this surveillance video. you see a thief walk through the gate of this home in dorchester and grab lights. on his way out, he reaches over light. the homeowner can't believe a christmas. >> some crook, just nothing else to do, no lights, just comes for the lights. >> vanessa: the victim says he is not planning on replacing the display. new information about this
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about last night. police say the man on this surveillance video turned himself in after he saw this video on television. officers say he confessed returned the equipment and apologized. the homeowner did not press charges. >> kevin: tracking rain, some of it's becoming heavy. live stormtracker will show you where the worst of its and how warm we will get tomorrow, maybe 70. >> a chase through four towns and this intersection in quincy. wait until you hear what she fold police. >> mark: staying involved long after retirement. the way dozens of seniors are sharing their life experience for the next generation. >> vanessa: local police go above and beyond the call of
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>> mark: new at 5:00 a 20-year-old faces charges of running a drug dealing operation after a hotel in west harwich. stephen manning has pleaded not guilty. >> vanessa: boston firefighters dousing the austin briton poles on the mass pike. we are told a vehicle may have hit a vent there. didn't appear any one was hurt. >> mark: police hope these surveillance pictures will help identify the man seen in them.
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in way lan last thursday. >> vanessa: as we approach christmas some families list got quite the surprise today. >> mark: they weren't sure how they would celebrate the holiday but the national police department changed that. blair miller shows us how it unfolded. >> at first glance it may have looked like police were on scene with their hands true and part of that was true. officers with the nashville police department loaded with gifts and groceries showing this community what christmas is all about. >> are you going to leave cookies for santa? >> yeah. >> our guys took up a collection were able to give really christmas opportunity for a lot of families. >> these s.w.a.t. officers and their traditional uniforms and others in the uniform of the season shopping for five families, and providing gifts with christmas dinner for all of them with the help of whole foods. >> we identified some families in need, some families that are working hard in the community.
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families for being positive members of the community. >> police department hit the streets of nashua with their s.w.a.t. vehicle to deliver everything to these families. the police athletic league raised the money, their second year for the event, but through it all it's a chance for this community to see that these officers have a mission that goes well beyond keeping the streets of nashua safe. >> at the end of the day it allows us to give back to the community, to be vested in that community an that's the important thing. >> good for people to see that. >> a christmas these families won't ever forget. >> mark: salvation army getting a boost from two big nails. >> vanessa: the governor and boston's mayor lending time to the red kettle campaign. governor charlie baker and mayor walsh at downtown crossing,
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his title as the celebrity bell rinking champion. and another generous find in a red kettle, in newberry port. an owner took a watch off his wrist saying he felt guilty wearing it when see many people in need. that watch appraised for thousands of dollars. rings left in kettles for weeks is. >> kevin: we may not have a white christmas in new england but they are having one in the sierra nevada mountain range. it's going to be close to 70 degrees although pay close attention to my seven-day forecast. focus on live stormtracker.
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for the evening drive, spotty in the south shore of boston an part of the north shore, but all the cape getting light rain. some of the heavier rain is going into northwestern worcester county. there's yellow showing up in here. so, 2a runs up here. that's 202. in between seeing some of the heaviest rain. off to the north in vermont, winchester, we are seeing heavy rain that yellow showing up along i-91 separating southeastern vermont from southwestern new hampshire, coming out in a few spots out there. plenty more where that came from. it's coming. there's plenty down the coast that stretches to the gulf of mexico. heavy rain to the carolinas and northward all day.
5:19 pm
weather, especially this line through the raleigh area and back in here. if you're looking for travel troubles, this is where they're happening, snow on the back side of this system and tornadoes happening, especially mississippi late this afternoon and evening, with lots of damage being reported. this is the heavy rain after 10:00 tonight, sliding through here midnight an beyond. by the time you get up first thing in the morning, shiri spear will be here to tell you about the showers working out of the area. really temperatures are going to be rising, holding steady now but they'll be rising from the 40s to 50s, it's a warm front coming by. that's why your temperatures will keep going up, pushing 60 degrees by 3:00 a.m. in worcester. in boston, same idea, except for the fact i'm pretty sure that's
5:20 pm
that should say mostly clear. going to 62 by 5:00 a.m. we are going to jump to 60 degrees after midnight. the record for the date stands at 61 for christmas eve. some breaks in the clouds will really push the temperatures close to the 70s. i expect some of those especially north an west of boston will so there's that chance. a few of you are going to see 70 degrees tomorrow. milford forward and nashua, 70 plus degrees tomorrow afternoon. chelmsford to shirley 69 degrees for a high temperature tomorrow afternoon. check out that day tomorrow, 68 is the average. there will be upper 60s to low 70s, the record stands at 61 degrees set in 1996.
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banning drones, close call on the slopes that was caught on camera and became a game changer. >> vanessa: also ahead in the next half hour, fire in the sky, the u.s. military explaining a strange sight in the sky seen across the west. >> mark: first changing the
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>> mark: remembering the ceremony in bagram airfield. service members from several units paying respects. we have the full slide show of the tribute on our web site many 11,000 employees will begin active shooter situations after the new year. the two-hour class is based on a national mod thael teaches the message, run if you can, hide if fight. >> the driver who ran down a huge crowd of pedestrians on the las vegas strip facing a judgment police say the driver
5:25 pm
dozens more. corinne has a look at days. >> reporter: lakeisha holloway appeared in court wednesday. >> you have a right to a preliminary hearing within 15 days of today's date. >> reporter: police say say she intentionally drove along the sidewalk sunday night striking dozens of pedestrians. her legal representative cautioning against rushing to judgment about intent or guilt. >> just because she's charged doesn't mean she's guilty there. are all kinds of possibilities we have to look into to make a determination what happened here. >> reporter: holloway legally
5:26 pm
paradise morton. authorities have continued to identify her by her former name. she's been charged with murder with a deadly weapon, leaving the scene of an accident and child abuse, neglect or endangerment. the defense an prosecution anticipate additional charges as the investigation continues. analysts say the legal consequences could be serious. >> in the event it is intentional and the prosecution purchase ceus this, she's looking at a life sentence. >> her next court date is january 20th. >> mark: a death blamed on explosive air bags made by takata. the feds say some of the air bags can deploy injuring or killing a car occupants. about 23 million air bag inflaters have been recalled in the u.s.
5:27 pm
full body scanners, agents can require full body scabs for travelers instead of allowing anyone to opt out for a pat down. legal experts are complaining the new rules are more ambiguous than the previous ones and warn this rule could create more complaints from people with disabilities. all new on "fox45 news" at 5:00, young. >> if you're involved in something, you'll feel better. >> vanessa: this incredible program that allows them to share their life experiences an give back to their community. >> mark: a driver chased down after she leads police on a wild pursuit through four towns. >> music blaring, she was yelling at me. she came over to my door, threw a bottle in my truck. >> mark: hear from the man who first called police after that
5:28 pm
>> kevin: rain >> mark: today shoppers enjoy warm weather as they wrap gift but tonight the wet weather continues an we are tracking more rain into our area. >> vanessa: fox45 stormtracker chief meteorologist kevin joining us. >> kevin: people are scrambling before the holiday but you have to deal with this. the rain moving in just in time for the commute, it's on schedule, the rain on cape cod has been fall for a while, getting steadier in providence entering into north or southwestern portions of norfolk county worcester an bristol county. templeton seeing heaviest rain. yellow and orange being picked up. this spot on the eastern side of templeton.
5:29 pm
road. this oreck is going to cross that roadway any time, so there's going to be heavy rain into gardner. you saw radar that jumped a little bit because it's update. keehn and south keehn seeing heavy activity. it's going to rain through much of tonight. i'll have the timeline and the temperatures for tomorrow. >> mark: breaking news we told you about, we are learning more about the victims of a double shooting in jamaica plains. they were found in an apartment complex in jackson square. one shot in the shoulder, the other in the thigh. >> vanessa: a bizarre scene at a gas station turned into a chase by police through four towns. >> mark: robert is live in
5:30 pm
you tracked down the man who contacted the police after having a run in with this woman. >> reporter: this all unfolded as you said at this mobile gas station on route 3a one yelling that she was the queen, the king is dead, and another eyewitness said she wasn't just yelling things. >> she was yelling at me. she opened my door, threw a bottle in my truck. >> reporter: john had just gotten back in his truck when he noticed the woman at this mobile station in cohasset. >> i thought she was just having issues. then she left and came back with more issues. >> reporter: police say 43-year-old cheryl lynn kelly took off and hit speeds of 65 miles per hour from cohasset to weymouth in quincy. police say she even made it over
5:31 pm
construction. police said she crashed into a vehicle as they naoufrd to stop her. police say she reeked of alcohol we tried her parents' home but there was no answer. neighbors say she is a nice woman but seemed to be having problems lately. >> i'm just glad he didn't wreck it and hurt herself or others. >> reporter: in court today, kelly's bail was bumped up to $10,000. we also learned in court she has had other issues with the police but at least four of those cases were dismissed. live in cohasset robert goulston. >> vanessa: police say two juveniles were stealing packages
5:32 pm
>> mark: fox45 got a list of maryland's on porches, including an electric scooter blanket cosmetics and plate. police chief says there was a simple motive. >> this was i believe a crime of opportunity, greed, but this is a safe place. >> mark: they've started returning packages but it's time consume. >> overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, her mother pam cannot lift her in and out of their van. the community has raised over 50,000 to help them buy a new van and wheelchair van. it was delivered just in time for christmas. pam says their lives have been forever changed. >> we really want to thank every person who donated to making this happen.
5:33 pm
end of our story is a happy one. >> vanessa: the charitable organization out of manchester is helping cover the cost of registering and insuring this van. >> mark: florida senator marco rubio his campaign in new hampshire today. he was serving up the bacon there, he later met with supporters. according a poll, rubio is still well behind donald trump. jacqueline fell is in washington with details how trump is blowing away the rest of the g.o.p. field. >> reporter: real estate mogul dobld trump is heading into the new year with a sizeable lead over other g.o.p. presidential candidates according a cnn orc poll. trump, both a double digilead over his closest competitor, picking up 39% support from g.o.p. voters. texas senator cruz is in second place and florida senator rubio an ben carson are tied for they
5:34 pm
presidential hopefuls placed in single digits with no other candidate receiving more than 5%. trump has led all but two national surveys since summer. cruz is campaigning as if he's in a two man race with trump. cruz maintained he won't turn negative like other candidates. >> i'm going to be keep focused on my record on my positive optimistic conservative vision. >> reporter: the survey was conducted following last week's g.o.p. debate in which voters said trump won. we are a little over a month away from the first rounds of primary voting. in washington, jacqueline fell, "fox45 news". >> mark: our blair miller was the first reporter to sit down an interview trump. he talked about his biggest regret so far an plans for the
5:35 pm
you can watch it on >> vanessa: furious after a washington post cartoon makes fun of his daughter. it showed his children as dance i monkeys. crews tweeted his girls are out of the paper's league an they should stick to attacking him. >> not much ticks me off. but making fun of my girls, that will do it. that tweet that i sent, i typed that out on my iphone and listen. all of us learned in kindergarten, didn't hit little girls. it's not complicated. don't make fun of a five-year-old girl and a seven-year-old girl. >> vanessa: the paper took down the cartoon. the editor said he failed to look at it before it was published. he said the paper's policy is to leave children out of editorials. dozens of animals seized from a local home. >> mark: we speak to the owner of those animals. why she says he was trying to help.
5:36 pm
light seen streaking across the sky in several states out west. we know what it was.
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>> vanessa: boston's logan airport is taking a hit. >> mark: it ranges fifth out of the 322 airports in the country. only worcester cracked the top 100.
5:39 pm
hampshire 153rd. many large airports received the lowest scores. >> vanessa: cape air is stepping up services after island airlines shut down. cape air also added 24 additional flights last week. the faa and an appeals court have shut down a boston start up that aimed to create a airplane ride sharing service. flight now with connect customers with private pilots that had empty seats. according the herald the faa shut it down because the administration says those pilots need a commercial lie sense. >> vanessa: fox university say their study of concussions will continue without funding from the professional football league. they'll be funded by a grants from the national institute of health.
5:40 pm
the nfl said the report was not accurate. many boston medical center employees will find more in their paycheck starting next month. service, clerical a technical workers in several unions are included in the deal that goes into effect in january. first hospital in the city to set a $15 starting wage standard. >> vanessa: stopping foot born illnesses that sickened students at boston college. why food safety leaders say tracking an outbreak is like trying to track a serial killer. >> kevin: it gets worse later tonight, i'll show when you the heaviest rain is moving through and talk about the record heat coming. >> reporter: local seniors volunteering their time staying connected to their communities well after retirement. >> i like to see kids being happy.
5:41 pm
>> reporter: we take you
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>> vanessa: fox45 kerry kavanaugh shows tuesday program that provides seniors a unique way to connect and care. >> reporter: every day miriam is up and out early. >> okay. >> reporter: the roo teb she's kept for 21 years. >> it's better than sitting in a rocking chair. >> not that manning would have much time for that with her adult children, 11 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.
5:44 pm
dorchester head started, her family grows. >> this is my four month old baby. >> she's a foster grandparent that connects local seniors with community children. the program has been around 50 years and celebrates the mutual benefit of keeping seniors involved with their community. >> if you're involved in something, you'll feel better. that's what you're doing now. you're beginning to crawl. >> while imparting experience and affection to the next generation. >> i feel good when i know i can help somebody else. >> it's intergenerational. it's seniors working with children individually and many with special needs to really help an support their development. >> sharon scott chandler with community group abcd says it keeps elders engaged. >> this is the best thing that
5:45 pm
>> foster grandparents we met say for them, they get out of as much out of the simple companionship they give if not more. >> they need a hug, i need a hug. helps them too. >> reporter: plus they've formed a new community of their own. one that exists outside their home. >> yes of go ahead. >> their connection to the world. >> if i could only take them all in, you know. okay. >> in dorchester. >> it keeps me going. >> kerry kavanaugh, "fox45 news". >> vanessa: 90 years young. there's always a need for more foster grandparents. we have a link for with you more
5:46 pm
>> mark: a girl who lost her family in a fire received a special christmas card. president barack obama and the first lady sent this to the sapphire. she suffered burns and lost her family in the fire. all she wanted was christmas cards. the request went viral. hundreds each day. >> vanessa: this next story might be one of the cutest you'll see this holiday season. dad turned his baby into an elf on the shelf. >> mark: dad lawrence decided to bring it to life. four month old baby plays out the tricks, sitting on a mantle riding on a toy car with bar by, eating spaghetti, and t teepeeing the christmas tree.
5:47 pm
>> mark: incredible ability. he worked the magic there. >> vanessa: kevin not feeling a lot like christmas out there. >> kevin: it's all how you feel, vanessa. we got to take the bull by the horns. it is warm and will be very warm tomorrow and more rain moving in. parts of the country a bonafide spring-like severe weather outbreak with tornadoes happening. here's the rain happening here. it's steadier in in -- into the boston area. some of the heaviest through worcester county. town town you're going to find these trees getting the heaviest rain like ash street, greenville and mechanics street on route 81, route 9 getting heavy rain,
5:48 pm
rain out of templeton into gardner. it's made its way toward found. off to the northwest of gardner we are seeing heavy rain. royalston where the live stormtracker is picking up some of the heaviest rain. so you can see where some of the areas in your towns are getting the heaviest rain with live stormtracker. of course many other streets are getting it. this is brattleboro and vermont getting heavy ran for you. southwest new hampshire troy to harrisville, eastward you're about to get through through keehn new hampshire.
5:49 pm
watches an warnings. this is a wider scope radar but you can seen with this see that hooking action. the town that took a direct hit in holly springs is in mississippi. it's much worse moving toward kentucky right now, one of several tornadoes happening this late afternoon into the evening. heavy rain on "futurecast" continuing to come through our area and by midnight we will still be getting heavy rain. by the time sarah takes over, clouds are going to try to hang tough over the area. more sun you get better chance of seeing your temperature jump over record territory tomorrow. it's going to be pretty easy to do most towns. into the 40s and as, rising as the warm front comes by in brattleboro, in worcester going near 60 degrees by 5:00, rising temperatures with the warm front coming through, boston going to the low 60s by the time you wake
5:50 pm
so there are breaks of sun. more breaks north an west. nighttime everybody sees clearing. it's off to the north an west with that clearing you're likely to see temperatures approaching or going over 70 degrees. 68 is the temperature tomorrow. here's that record, 61 stands since 1996. we are going to break that degrees. the average is 39. i want you to circle this on your calendar. by next tuesday they have a wintery mix heading our way even after this warm air. >> mark: finally. after more than 1,000 emails and 50 adoption applications, nelson the pug puppy found a home. >> vanessa: we picked up his story last week. he became sick after a 20 hour trip. a few days ago nelson met mugsy.
5:51 pm
friends. >> mark: we are following stories ahead, first several animals seized from a home including horses, goats and alpaca. why officials are asking for your help when it comes to caring for one of the animals. plus food born illness is a growing concern across the country. new, the surveillance systems to
5:52 pm
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>> mark: u.s. military says it now knows what caused a strange show in the sky. body of the booster burned asis reentered the earths atmosphere. >> vanessa: camp tours capture the moment a drone came down behind a skier. that thrown was not even supposed to be over the course. it was scheduled to fly off to the side. new details about hoverboard fires, there are 16 open investigations in 12 sfaits searching for answers about hoverboard's catching fire. the consumer product safety commission sent a letter
5:54 pm
investigations of this. >> mark: take a look at these incredible robots leading santa's sleigh. this video on youtube, boston dynamics say they are called spot bots. kind of creepy. kind of cool. you decide. >> vanessa: an elf on the shelf emergency led one girl to call 911 but it didn't take long to second guess that decision. >> why did you call 911 honey? >> she won't call 911 again. >> vanessa: that last voice you heard was the officer who checked on isabella. you heard him, she accidentally knocked her elf off the shelf. according the pop children's
5:55 pm
would go away and santa wouldn't come. she was so worried police escorted santa to her home to reassure her. >> mark: christmas comes early for fans of the beatles. >> mark: start at 126789. 01 they'll join streaming music around the world on apple, amazon prime an other services. the beatles have been slow to adapt to changes. their music wasn't available in the itunes store until 2010. where the heaviest is fall, live stormtracker will show you down to your street. >> vanessa: neighbors say it was a scene when a s.w.a.t. team descended on this home. coming up, hear from concerned
5:56 pm
why they say it's all uncalled for. >> eight different species housed at a local shelter. >> we spoke with the owner of those a mals, why she says she was only trying to help them. >> armed, dangerous on the run, the massive manhunt to find this accused bank rocker who might be treasured like a woman. a live look at radar shows rain moving across our area for the second night in a row. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. with the rain comes warmer temperatures. check this out here. the top of boston's tallest buildings are barely poking through the fog. that's the prudential buildington left and 200 clarendon on the right. kevin lemanowicz, that is some pretty thick fog.
5:57 pm
about it last night.
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